BIDLIT is a company with a longstanding tradition, which roots go back as far as four generations. BIDLIT offers Professional Solutions for different services including appraisals, estate liquidations and auctions. We offer variety of unique antiques, furniture, jewelry and many other valuables at comparative prices. We have close relationship with our customers, most of which are long time high-end collectors, people of means and old established families, which present us the opportunity to locate rare items and offer them for sale to the public. From our vast collections to our curated gallery, we inspire our clients to discover the magic moment when classic style meets modern elegance.

We handle a range of different types of estates and auctions - from estates and auctions with general household items to estates and auctions with high-end antiques, collectibles, and other family heirlooms. Our team is efficient, professional, and personable, not only to you but to the customers as well.  With decades of experience in the auction and estate sale industry; BIDLIT offers a bespoke, premium client experience from valuation through to eventual sale.